Guns, Girls, And Missing Faberge Eggs In FMV A Lead This 'Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect' Trailer

Tex Murphy - Tesla Effect Molten Silhouette

Let's return to the age of green screens and full-motion video as the follow-up to 1998's "Overseer," "Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect," gets a lengthy new trailer.

The crowdfunded sequel is from developer Big Finish Games, founded by Chris Jones and Aaron Conners, the minds behind the 90's FMV "Tex Murphy" adventure games "Under a Killing Moon" and "The Pandora Directive." They're back with a sequel which sees the hard-boiled detective back and missing a chunk of his memories after getting capped at the conclusion of 1998's "Overseer."

The game's successful Kickstarter campaign saw "Tesla Effect" rake in $600,000, well above its $450,000 goal. From the looks of it, the production costs have gone into creating the green screen environments of post World War III San Francisco, where the "Tex Murphy" games are set.

Although originally set for a December 2012 release, the new trailer is teasing a Q1 2014 launch date. Atlus will be publishing the game for the PC, Mac, and Linux.

[Source: Big Finish Games via Rock Paper Shotgun]

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