Apple's iPhone 5S Unveil Highlighted By 'Infinity Blade 3'


Apple always uses games to flex their brand new device's horsepower. And for their iPhone 5S reveal, Epic Games was on hand to demonstrate "Infinity Blade 3."

There's a not a whole lot of info to dig into, but according to The Verge, the upcoming third and final installment of the Infinity Blade trilogy will sport two different characters; a male and all new female warrior.

The game will also be bigger, as will the bosses, but that's somewhat of a given. Along with better graphics; according to Epic, it will have "lens flares that would make J.J. Abrams proud.":

Infinity Blade is the quintessential iPhone game, to both fans and detractors of the platform. It's visual sheen has always been rather mind-blowing, though its level of interactivity has always left much to be desired.

Though, the aforementioned M7 chip will hopefully change all that. But will it change Infinity Blade? We'll just have to wait until September 18th, when part three comes out alongside the iPhone 5S.

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