Play This: First-Person Time-Dilator 'Super Hot' Is Playable in Your Browser

Super Hot

At its most basic, "Super Hot" is a first-shooter by Blue Brick Studios. It was made in a week, as part of the 7DFPS game jam, and is available right here, free to play in your browser. It should only take about five or ten minutes, so give it a whirl.

So, sure, "Super Hot" is a technically a first-person shooter. But it sports some wicked time dilation -- reminiscent of Monolith's "F.E.A.R." series or even the later stages of Jonathan Blow's "Braid" -- and it plays out a bit more like a 3D puzzle game. The hook is that time only moves forward when you, the player, move.

"Super Hot"'s mechanics are just bizarre enough to create a little learning curve, but once you get the timing down, eliminating a room of monochrome enemies becomes a breeze. There's something really satisfying about leading a moving target, then moving sideways to flank a different one. By time the original bullet hits its mark -- pushed forward in time and space by your own movement -- you'll have the next sucker in your sights.

Alternately, the godlike powers afforded to "Super Hot"'s protagonist also let players storm the gates, gun blazing, zigging and zagging past each artificially-slowed bullet fired their way. For a five-minute game built in less than a week, "Super Hot" is surprisingly flexible in its approach. Either way, it'll help you get over the hump of your work day.

Again you can play "Super Hot" in your browser, here. You can play it two or three or four times, if you want. You may also want to peruse a full list of downloadable 7DFPS entires, all of which are available here.

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