Esquire Network To Take Over, G4 To Continue On As Is


The first and only cable network to cater exclusively towards video gamers, G4, has had a very rocky existence. The final nail in the coffin was the announcement that it would be completely rebranded as the Esquire Channel.

The change in focus was what motivated the channel to cancel the two shows that represented its original mission statement: Attack of the Show and X-Play. Plenty of behind the scenes people were also let go in the process.

But guess what; turns out, G4 is not going anywhere. Instead, the Esquire Network will take over the Style Network.

The sudden and surprise news comes courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. And the reasoning is actually quite sensible: Style has always been aimed primarily at the female demographic, though parent company NBCUniversal also has three other networks that does that already: E!, Bravo, and Oxygen. Furthermore, Style has always lagged behind, so it makes sense to shift its gears towards an all male audience.

Then again, one has to wonder why it took NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group chairperson Bonnie Hammer and those under her so long to come to this realization. Even though G4 was not the rousing success that many had hoped it would be, it still had fans, plus there are plenty of those who simply believe a television channel dedicated to video games is long over due. So this revelation is basically insult to injury.

Can NBCUniversal make things right? They certainly have the resources, yet they're also not the least bit interested. In the same report, it was noted that G4 in its current iteration will remain as is for the time being, and furthermore, it's very unlikely that the parent company will invest in any original programming. Translation: G4 will continue to remain the Ninja Warrior & COPS channel.