Rockstar on Possible GTA Movie: Sorry, Not Anytime Soon


In an interview with Empire, Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser says a big screen version of "GTA" is unlikely (but he could imagine it as a TV series).

Houser continues allows that while there might be some benefits to bringing "GTA" to the big screen, Rockstar is unwilling to sacrifice control of the franchise for big screen success:

We've been offered, many times, and it's never appealed. The money's never been close to be worth risking one's crown jewels. Our small dabblings with Hollywood have always left us running back to games. The freedom we have to do what we want creatively is of enormous value. The second you go near Hollywood, people seem willing, or have been forced, to lose a lot of that control. That sort of amorphous 'that won't test well' attitude is exactly how we don't work. We've always tried to think of stuff that's innovative and new, and to go into a world where that's not encouraged would be horrible.

Houser's comments are interesting in the wake of so many game to film adaptations making the news in the past few months--everything from "Assassin's Creed" starting to come into some kind of focus while Sony's out there talking about a "Gran Turismo" movie. The clear challenge with "Grand Theft Auto" is that the franchise means different things depending on who you ask. Is it the anarchic action/comedy which sends up decades of crime film and pop culture? Or is it the dark comedy about the cold realities of criminals trying to stay out of the game? Spread out over multiple titles, multiple protagonists, multiple fictional cities, it's a franchise that's often solely about whatever its latest game is about.

"Grand Theft Auto V" will be available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 17th.

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