Wait, What? Capcom's 'Deep Down' Set in New York in 2094

Deep Down

Earlier this morning, during a Sony press conference, Capcom producer Yoshinoro Ono took to the stage to present a new trailer for "Deep Down," his company's PlayStation 4-exclusive dragon-slashing game. Also, get this: despies the dank, murky dungeons on display, "Deep Down" actually takes place in New York City in 2094.

A new trailer shows Neo New York only briefly, but the premise seems gussied up by some sort of memory-reading plot device, which frankly sounds more than a bit like "Assassin's Creed"'s weird Animus contraption.

Despite the trappings of Western role-playing games -- plodding, avian dragons squaring off against knights in heavy, plated armor -- "Deep Down"'s new trailer is decidedly Japanese. The bouncy, up-tempo techno-pop and voice-over exposition are unmistakable calling cards, no matter how much "Deep Down" wants to channel Gary Gygax.

Ono rounded out his presentation with promises of a system of randomized dungeons, monsters, and weapons and the (not quite unexpected) revelation that "Deep Down" will support four-player online co-op play.

Developed by Capcom Online Games, "Deep Down" is the first game to put the publisher's new Panta Rhei engine through its paces. While no release date has been announced, "Deep Down" will apparently be playable at the Tokyo Game Show later this month.

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