Sony Dreams Of Your Life Being Dominated By PlayStation


Late last night to us, but in the middle of afternoon for everyone in Japan, Sony held a pre-Tokyo Game Show presser to flex the big guns that they'll be bringing to the show.

Given that TGS which will be the last chance for them to really flaunt the PlayStation 4 in such an arena, before their upcoming next gen console officially goes on sale (though considerably later in their home turf, more on that later), it's not a shocker that it was a pretty big focus.

Like most tech companies, Sony is pushing connectivity among their devices and customer base, and in their case, it's all about the PS4 share button:

Though the real surprise is the redesigned Vita (again, more on that in a bit) and just announced Vita TV:


It allows one to play Vita games, as well as downloaded PSP plus PSone games on ones television. Multiplayer support is even possible, with everyone else able to join in with just their Dual Shock 3s. No additional Vitas required.

It also lets you play PS4 games in a separate room, via Remote Play. It's also very small and comes with a HDMI cable. Comes out later this year in Japan at around $95 for just the unit itself, or $150 if you get it bundled with a Dual Shock 3 and 8GB memory card.

No details yet regarding a release outside of Japan, but the chances are very good.

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