Say Hello To The New And Improved PlayStation Vita


As noted earlier today, Sony just held a pre-Tokyo Game Show presser, and one surprise reveal was a redesigned PlayStation Vita.

Launching later this year in Japan, PCH-2000, will come in various colors, 20% thinner, and 15% lighter.

As you can see, from the image above, it's a beauty. Whereas the original Vita was not hard on the eyes, Sony has done a great job tightening up some of its curves nonetheless.

Though in addition to being easier on the hands as well (not that the original Vita is all that bulky or heavy to being with), it also sports a brand new screen.

The OLED display has been kicked to the curve, in favor of LCD. OLED is still superior, but they're still expensive, and Sony's trying to save a few bucks on this brand new model.

Battery life has also been improved, plus there's now 1GB of built in, on board memory. Furthermore, it can also charge via Micro USB, so say goodbye to Sony's proprietary charge cable (though we'll be happy if they'd just ditch their propriety memory cards).

The new and improved Vita comes in six colors: White, Black, Green/White, Light Blue/White, Khaki/Black, and Pink/Black, which was also seen in the previously shown video.

The release date is October 10th in Japan; expect the new model to arrive in the States eventually, though not all color combinations will make it here, if one had to wager.

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