Time For An Hour Plus Look At What Makes 'Street Fighter' So Incredible


This past Friday we highlighted a 30 minute long documentary that details Final Fantasy's colorful history. Well, time for something along those same lines.

I Am Street Fighter celebrates the franchise's quarter century long legacy. Instead of just hearing from those who helped make the games (though they are included), the concentration is instead those who were impacted by their aftermath the most. Everyone from professional game players to artists, and virtually everyone in between.

The following is actually a year old; 2013 is Street Fighter's 26th anniversary, and I Am Street Fighter was originally included in last year's Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection. So for those of you who didn't feel like spending the $150 to buy brand new copies of games you already have, here you go:

Not surprisingly, a ton of ground is covered in the 72 minute long run time. And we all know that Street Fighter has left a major mark on gaming, not just with how they're made but how they're played, though the above does a brilliant job of shedding new light on well-known facts.

Though also, did you know that Street Fighter was also once a Where's Waldo-eque children's book?

As for highlights, the number one would have to Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara explaining just what went down, in what might be the most famous head to head match up in video game history:

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