'Mighty No. 9''s Kickstarter Is On A Mighty Powerful Roll


Gamers have spoken and they clearly believe in Keiji Inafune's dream project. And the success of the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter has proven that the hordes of disgruntled Mega Man fans are indeed putting their money where their mouth is.

A little over a week since its debut, it has easily surpassed the initial goal of $900,000. In fact, as of this writing, it's the original desired amount plus a cool million on top, at $1,900,396.

Below is a video in which Inafune thanks his supporters, for not only reaching the initial goal but the first stretch goal in less than 40 hours:

That first stretch goal was for two additional stages. Since then, even more have been met, including Mac/Linux versions, New Game Plus & Turbo modes, and the making-of documentary, to be handled by 2 Player Productions (which is currently still documenting the making of Double Fine's Kickstarted adventure game, Broken Age).

The next milestone is set at $2,200,00, which are for PS3, 360, and Wii U versions. Many expect it to be met when all is said and done. There are additional goals after that, some of which are as of yet unknown, but the final one is quite clear: PS4 and Xbox One versions. That'll cost $3,300,00. Which, at this point, seems doable.

The Kickstarter page is also abuzz with all kinds of activity, including behind the scenes artwork, assorted videos, and a promised regular podcast. Inafune has been waiting for this day a very long time, and the same goes for the people he has surrounded himself with, so all this energy is hardly surprising.

Though more than anything else, Inafune just seems happy. Something that his longtime fans, as well as those closest to him, are most especially happy about.

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