Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight! A Mea Culpa To 'Devil May Cry' Fans


In a recent round of Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!, "Devil May Cry" hero Dante was robbed of his victory over the MewTwo successor--and it was all our fault.

It was the August 20th matchup that caused all of the trouble, as we tabulated the results of the matchup between Dante and MewTwo's even brawnier new form. One week later, with the polls closed and the votes tabulated, we announced the Pokemon would be advancing to the next round, while the demon slayer would be headed home.

Unfortunately, thanks to a miscalculation in our voting process, it seems that Dante... won.

If we'd caught this earlier, we would have made the correction quickly at the start of the next round, with Dante facing off against "One Piece" hero Luffy D. Monkey (who's now, in turn, in the semi-finals against Sailor Moon).

Again, we regret the error and sincerely apologize to "Devil May Cry" fans out there, but feel free to show your support for the two remaining matchups in this year's tournament.

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