Fan-Man 'TimeSplitters Rewind' To Get Support From Crytek, PS4 Version Announced


The "Crysis" developer plans to lend a hand to Pantheonyx, the team behind the fan-made "TimeSplitters Rewind."

"TimeSplitters Rewind" is sort of best-of/sequel to the "TimeSplitters" franchise, offering maps and weapons from the previous games--and it's headed to the PS4. While Pantheonyx continues development with a planned closed alpha this winter, the monkey-obsessed FPS will also be developed for the PS4 featuring 4-player splitscreen (a feature its PC counterpart doesn't currently offer). The PS4 version will also provide cross-platform play, allowing PC gamers and PS4 players to boast about who has the better setup.

With an "if you can't beat 'em, join' em" philosophy I can get behind, Nick Button-Brown, general manager of Games for Crytek says the developer will continue offering assistance to the independently-developed project: "TimeSplitters Rewind is a fantastic initiative that Crytek continues to support." Pantheonyx is currently developing "TimeSplitters Rewind" using the CryEngine.

"TimeSplitters" was originally developed for the PS2 by Free Radical, spawning two sequels to the tongue-in-cheek, fast-paced shooter. "TimeSplitters 4" was announced before quietly ending production. But with the upheaval surrounding the game industry around 2008 and the failure of the Ubisoft-published shooter "Haze," Free Radical suffered massive layoffs before being purchased by Crytek.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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