PAX Prime 2013: Hands-on With MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works


A couple months back, for everyone headed to San Diego Comic Con, we made sure to mentionMM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works as a must get.

Well, UDON's massive tribute tome to all things Mega Man will soon be released into the wild. I got the chance to check a copy out, with UDON's Director of Marketing Chris Butcher pointing out highlights along the way.

Basically, if you're a Mega Man fan, you HAVE to get this book. Every single Mega Man game, including the classic series and X series is represented. MM25, for those who aren't aware, is basically the localized version of R20+5, which is the original Japanese 20th anniversary collection with updated material, five years later.


Not only are there more than 150 pages of new material, MM25 is actually cheater than UDON's previous editions. For whatever reason, when bringing over R20, it was split into two volumes, one focusing on Mega Man, the other on Mega Man X. Butcher pointed out that both cost $40, whereas this new and improved single volume is just $60.


Butcher also noted: "Even though there hasn't been any X games, the editors found a ton of new X card art, from the trading card game that had never been in a book before."


You also have pin ups from various folks who have either been directly involved in the game or related goods, like manga or music releases. Even UDON themselves is in the book, which they're might proud of.


As noted, every single Mega Man game is included, even one that fans are not very fond of. I speak of Rockman Xover. When noting its inclusion, Butcher simply lowered his head and (hilariously) went, "There's one page, we're sorry."


MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works can be obtained from all major online book retailers, as well as UDON directly. I say go with them, because they still have a few copies of the limited edition hardcover variant with the blue foil cover from SDCC.

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