PAX Prime 2013: Hands-on With 'Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies'


The long-awaited return of Phoenix Wright is coming ever closer, though we still have no firm release date. Regardless, he'll be here soon, a fact that Capcom pushed rather heavily at PAX Prime 2013.

There they showed off a brand new demo for "Dual Destinies," this one showing off the game's revamp investigation engine. Though the star of the show was, much to many people's chagrin, was that guy. Yup, Apollo Justice.

As it should be common knowledge by know, Phoenix's replacement has a role in Phoenix's grand return. Sorry. And you assume the mantle of Justice, who heads to some sleepy little town that is frequented by Japanese spirits. Okay. But Wright is nowhere to be found.

Eventually, Justice and Athena Cykes, the game's new assistant, arrive in a room, hoping to find their boss, but instead they find evidence of a struggle, or worse, murder. And thus you have to go about searching the room, to find evidence as to what the heck happened.

Cykes believes Wright was eaten by a large bird, and while it certainly looks that way, as strange as it might sound, appearances are deceiving. So detective work must be employed, as is often the case in each and every Ace Attorney game.

And this particular portion of the game largely resembles the ones found in past game, but with one crucial difference. Whereas the new 3D engine is mostly just eye candy in the trial section, the ability to check out a fully fleshed out environment instead of a static image adds much to the gameplay.

Before you can somewhat look around, though in a very limited capacity, but here you can check out environments from multiple angles: around, under, above, etc. Basically, you won't find yourself mindlessly clicking various spots of an illustration in hopes of stumbling across a clue.

Again, other than the fancy new looks, the game plays just like it did before. As you gather up clues, Cykes says all sorts of wacky stuff, while Justice tries to have a level head and look for reason. Once enough evidence has been gathered, one tried to draw a conclusion.

Truth be told, the mystery here was a bit on the tepid side, but it's clear that Capcom tried to keep things as short and sweet as possible, since it's for a busy convention show floor. If anything, it simply made me excited to tackle a case with significantly more bite, via the game's improved arsenal, whenever that time might be.

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