Xbox One SmartGlass Will Allow You To Set Up Multiplayer Matchmaking, Help When You're Losing


The second screen app is getting a new version for the Xbox One with updated features this holiday season.

Xbox Live General Manager Ron Pessnerd detailed some of the features coming to the SmartGlass refresh this holiday season. The Xbox One update will include reduced connection times with the console (they're promising four seconds or so), allowing you to select game and media content through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The increased speeds come with the app now communicating directly to the console instead of having to make an initial connection to Xbox data centers around the world in order to authenticate the devices.

On the gameplay front, SmartGlass for the Xbox One is confirmed for "Dead Rising 3"--acting as your in-game phone and allowing you to find hidden, in-game content--and "Project Spark."

Microsoft has pinned a lot of hopes on the second screen experience for the Xbox 360, offering the user the ability to navigate their console with the app like a remote with the promise of providing supplementary content and gameplay bells and whistles. The thinking seems to be the same for the Xbox One. Pessnerd says they're also working with developers to flesh out Game Help features, which will provide contextual assistance in case you're having trouble with an Xbox One title. TMicrosoft and external developers are also looking at ways to allow players to control Xbox One games using SmartGlass, effectively making it a WiiU competitor.

It also looks like you'll be able to set up matchmaking as a task while playing a game using the Xbox One, with Pressner explaining that if you are "in the middle of game on your console, you can begin matchmaking for a multiplayer session through SmartGlass and you won’t interrupt your action on the big screen."

You'll be able to download the all-new app via iOS, Windows 8, and Android devices this holiday season.

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