A Ceremonious Opening of Kojima Productions Los Angeles

When we first set foot in Konami’s new Los Angeles studio for Kojima Productions, we thought the invitation was merely to provide a fitting setting for the developer/publisher to showcase more gameplay of the hotly anticipated ’Metal Gear Solid V’. We certainly got to see that gameplay, but more on that in another article shortly. What we didn’t realize was that September 5, 2013 was also the formal date of the studio’s opening. With Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa, and other high level staff from Japan present, we watched as they carried out a good fortune opening ceremony. Known as kagami biraki, the tradition involves smashing mallets on top of a sake barrel, thereby opening the lid. Everyone was served sake in commemorative Kojima Productions/Konami wood sake cups, which was then followed by a brief toast.

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Resident rabbit

Yoji Shinkawa unveils new art for the facility

Inside the focus testing monitoring room at Kojima Productions LA

(Photos above: M.Concepcion / Photos below: Konami)

The facility, located near LAX, Marina Del Rey and next to YouTube’s LA office, was one of Howard Hughes’ former residences. It has received more than just a fresh coat of paint to accommodate incoming Konami staff.