MTV Multiplayer's Fall Preview: Our Most Anticipated Games

Grand Theft Auto V


It seems you can't turn a corner these days without seeing tons of great video game announcements. With new consoles launching and new IP dropping hot, how do you tell the good from the bad? With a list of course! Here's our most anticipated games for Fall!


11. Rayman Legends

Originally slated as a Wii U exclusive, Ubisoft's limbless platforming champion can now be enjoyed across most systems. What's got us hot under the collar is the beautiful HD graphics and superb, inventive gameplay that Rayman is wildly known for. Any gaming enthusiast worth their salt should give "Legends" a play.

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10. Beyond: Two Souls

The word "cinematic" gets thrown around a lot in the gaming community and though it's usually taken with a grain of salt one developer in particular wants to inject a little more Hollywood into games. Quantic Dream has lived by this motto for some time with thrilling titles like  "Indigo Prophecy" and "Heavy Rain." And it seems that they're not slowing down at with their next title "Beyond: Two Souls." Casting talent the likes of Willem Dafoe and Ellen Paige, Cage's next game might give a bit more legitimacy for some folks, but we're more excited to dive into another paranormal psychological thriller!

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9. Batman: Arkham Origins

Moving development from Rocksteady to Warner Bros. Games Montréal might give us a slight pause but from what we've so far "Arkham Origins" is looking mighty fine. Taking those lessons learned from the last two, we see a leaner, meaner, yet less experienced Batman taking is first steps into thwarting crime. How this will ultimately pan out is up for debate but if WB can deliver and improve on the brutal melee and gadget combat then we're more than ready to don the cape and cowl once again!

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8. Outlast

As the last days of summer are drawing to a close and autumn begins to usher in cooler weather, what's more relaxing than cozying up to hot cup of - HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! That's right, it's time for a season of horror games and one in particular has our hearts beating pretty fast. Red Barrels' first person horror game - "Outlast" - has you investigating a creepy abandoned asylum looking for clues while outrunning an otherworldly creature.

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7. Watch_Dogs

Though Ubisoft's booty-licious, pirate assassin looks real pretty, we're more excited about their cyber-vigilante hacker, Aiden Pierce and his first outing with "Watch_Dogs." Essentially taking the openess of GTA and mixing in a little bit of espionage, you'll unravel a conspiracy that reaches the deepest, darkest regions of the city.

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6. The Wolf Among Us

Telltale Games' "The Walking Dead" captured our hearts as one of the best examples of story telling done right. Learning from that experience, TT goes back to comics for inspiration with their next adventure taking place in the Fable's universe - a world of fantasy and mystery set against a grimy New York backdrop. This time, you're the monster trying to live in a world while repenting for past mistakes and looking to set things right.

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5. The Wonderful 101

When Platnium Games says they're making a game centered around finding and recruiting random superheroes and then forcing said heroes into a giant fist to pummel the ever-ling crap out of a giant mecha we tend to pay attention. Wii U owners have something to celebrate with this game and should keep this as firepower for when any Sony or Microsoft fanboys cry that the Wii U has no games.

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4. Battlefield 4

(Adjusts flame retardant suit) Listen guys, I love FPSs and no amount of convinces will keep the peace between the Battlefield and CoD camps. That said there is plenty of room for each of these franchises and they only seem to be getting better and better with every iteration. "Battlefield 4" turns it up to 11 promising some of the largest most intense firefights for PC and console gamers alike.

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3. Call of Duty: Ghosts

I suppose it'll always be a war between Activision and EA and I'm probably not equipped well enough to keep each camps from taking potshots at each other. Despite the internet rage between diehards one thing's for sure -- we all win. The Modern Warfare series may have taken a slight hit a few years ago with schism between Infinity Ward and Activision, but "Ghosts" looks like it's hitting all the right marks to knock it out of the park once again!

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2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

When we first heard of "A Link Between Worlds" we were a little shocked to learn that it would be a direct sequel to the amazing SNES title "A Link to the Past." While any news about a fresh Zelda title is cause for celebration, it's the fact that this ties directly with the older classic that has reeled us in. Getting to

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Grand Theft Auto V

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Really, what else could the number one spot be? Unless you've been living under a rock for the better part of a decade, then you know how well Rockstar's can deliver. Their "Grand Theft Auto" series defined a generation of open, sandbox gaming full of surprises around every corner, and their latest sprawling opus dedicated to the criminal element returns to sunny San Andreas. While "GTA IV" seemed to reel in a bit and keep the story and action a bit grounded (for a GTA, I mean) "V" is a return to form with insane stunts and incredible heists with not one, not two, but three protagonists! Additionally, multiplayer seems to have gotten a massive overhaul and contains everything from straight up death-match style arenas to golf to UGC maps! What other game can boast that much content? Simply put this is the game of the season.

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