'Mega Man' Creator Homages His Famous Creation, Launches 'Mighty No. 9' Kickstarter


It's a little late, but the successfully funded 2.5D side-scroller from Keiji Inafune is probably the best anniversary celebration that the "Mega Man" franchise could hope for.

The campaign, which launched on Saturday, reunites Inafune with other "Mega Man" veterans to produce "The Mighty No. 9," a side-scroller featuring a blue, humanoid robot with the ability to defeat his enemies and take on their abilities. Sound familiar?

"Mighty No. 9" puts you in the role of Beck, tasked with defeating robots infected by a computer virus which is driving them mad. As with the Blue Bomber, Beck will take down the game's bosses and assume their powers, but the twist here is that he'll be able to fully transform himself into one of the weapons of the defeated Mighty number bosses. From the campaign:

For example, his limbs might become giant magnets, enabling him to walk up walls or rip away enemy shields... Or maybe extendible spring-loaded hands would allow him to activate far-away switches or work as a grappling hook... Or he could have a tank-like body, easily crossing over spikes and pushing objects around the levels...

The initial Kickstarter campaign planned for only six levels in the game, but with stretch goals above and beyond the $900k goal, the Comcept team can look into adding more content (and more bosses) to the game. Right now, the game is still in concept phase, with a planned April 2015 release for the PC, although we might see it on other platforms with stretch goals fulfilled.

You could see the "Mighty No. 9" Kickstarter either as a love letter to the character he helped create or as a dig at his former employers Capcom, who've sort of neglected the main franchise in recent years, with 2010's "Mega Man 10" being the last official game in the traditional 2D side-scrolling strain of the series (along with the abrupt cancellation of the ambitious "Mega Man Universe"). However, the campaign page is much more humble than that, offering in its second update that "There are no losers in our success here, and no bad guys to rail against," and that "Mighty No. 9" is simply an attempt to revive a neglected genre.

Inafune spent 23 years of his game development career at Capcom before making his exit in late 2010. Since then, he's launched Comcept, his own studio which is collaborating with Tecmo Koei on the cel-shaded hack and slash "Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z" for 2014.

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