Get In Your Mech And Get Enhanced With The Cinematic 'XCOM: Enemy Within' Trailer, 'War Machine'


"XCOM: Enemy Within," he expansion to last year's "Enemy Unknown" gets a proper trailer, teasing some of the new ways you'll be able to take out the alien threat (and some of the ways they'll be able to reciprocate).

"Enemy Within" is the first new content for"XCOM: Enemy Unknown" since December's Slingshot Pack. The update will bring new challenges and weapons to Firaxis' strategy game, as well as challenges across 47 maps and augmentations for your soldiers. The expansion, which hasn't yet been priced, will be hitting the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on November 12.

From 2K Games and Firaxis:

In this new XCOM: Enemy Within trailer from 2K and Firaxis Games, deadly new enemy units have been deployed to the battlefield, yet a newly discovered alien substance brings the opportunity to augment your soldiers with biological or cybernetic enhancements. These soldiers sacrifice much, but gain never before discovered combat effectiveness. It’s your decision, Commander.

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