It's Ninja Brother vs. Ninja Brothers In The Live-Action 'League of Legends: Shadowfall'


In order to win, an ambitious brother embraces the darkness in this fan film based on "League of Legends."

The three-part "Shadowfall" stars Isky Fay and David Cheung as Shen and Zed, shedding some light on the backstory of the two martial artists, as the ambitious and imatient Zed (Cheung) embraces his shadow powers in order to surpass his talented sibling. All three parts of "Shadowfall" made their debut today on Machinima Realm.

"Shadowfall" joins "League of Legends: Blind Ambition," another short which made its premiere today from the brothers at K&K Productions. That mini-movie took a look at the origins of blind monk Lee Sin as he doled out some judicious butt-kicking against scarred assassin Katarina. The shorts, based on Riot Games' "League of Legends" are from filmmakers Harry and George Kirby.

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