Fan Film 'Fallout: Lanius' Explores the Legate's Bloody Backstory

Fallout: Lanius

Last year, a group of producers, writers, designers, and artists, led by Australian writer-director Wade K. Savage, crowdfunded Fallout: Lanius, a live-action fan film shining a light on one of "Fallout: New Vegas"' bloodiest side stories.

By the time the Courier starts rummaging through Goodsprings in "Fallout: New Vegas," Lanius is a Legate, second-in-command of the Ceasar's Legion faction. Before that, though, he was a Hidebark clansmen, strong-arming Roman patrols for fun and profit. Fallout: Lanius is the story of his bloodthirsty rise to power, set in "Fallout"'s post-apocalyptic Mojave Wasteland.

So, ok, some of the acting a little stiff and the crucifixion scene (what?!) is a bit heavy-handed, but Fallout: Lanius a surprisingly fun little bloodletting. Lanius is nothing if not bloody, and it flows in thick, syrupy rivulets over the course of twenty-odd minutes.

Honestly, it's lunch time on the Friday before Labor Day. You're definitely not working or studying or being productive, so you might as well take a few minutes to learn something about the Terror of the East and the Breaker of the Hangdogs.

Futhermore, Joshua Graham makes a cameo reading out of Psalms and the end of Lanius. If you're interested in Encryption Films' work so far, that may hold a clue to their next project.

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