The Criminals Are Running The Prison In The Animated 'Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate' Trailer


Armature Studios' Vita/3DS companion game to "Batman: Arkham Origins" gives up some of the plot as the Penguin seizes control of the notorious Blackgate Prison.

"Blackgate" appears to share some of the same villains as "Arkham City Origins," with the Joker, Deadshot, and "Origins" heavy Black Mask all putting in appearances in the trailer. Which is kind of an interesting take on the material: typically, Arkham Asylum is where Gotham would lock up its costumed killers and petty criminals with Blackgate serving as the dumping ground for the city's common crooks. If you'll recall, in "Batman: Arkham City," the prisoners of Blackgate were unleashed in a walled-off chunk of Gotham alongside the mental patients of Arkham as part of Hugo Strange's plot to... well, it's hard to recall since that game had maybe a dozen different villains.

The 2.5D platformer "Blackgate" puts players in control of (who else) Batman, as he attempts to wrest control of the notorious lockup from Gotham's villains. The trailer offers a healthy look at he gameplay which involves some stealth, brawling, and non-2D elements like avoiding sniper fire.

"Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate" launches October 25 for the Vita and 3DS alongside the PC, PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 release of the "Arkham" prequel "Batman: Arkham City Origins."

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