‘Resident Evil’ Haunted House Coming To Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

Capcom teams up with Universal Studios to bring the long-lived survival horror franchise to the 23rd Halloween Horror Nights.

The haunted house was made in collaboration with Capcom, spanning multiple games in the series. According to a press release from Universal released this morning, the haunted house will include monster types like the Cerberus and Nemesis stalking guests through the Halloween exhibit. Universal is promising that being in the haunted house will be like being inside of the multi-game series, including one room which will be presented as a paused action tableau.

This last part is the most curious: the last decade has seen “Resident Evil” shift from a horror-focused series to one driven more by action across all media. From the games to the fairly successful Paul W.S. Anderson-led film series, it’s all about the guns and monsters rather than the scares. Still, I’m wondering how the wider public thinks of the franchise at this point.

This isn’t the first partnership between Universal and a game franchise for one of their horror nights–last year, the resort teamed up with Konami for a “Silent Hill”-themed exhibition, featuring Nurses and Pyramid head (naturally).

You can check out “Resident Evil” at this year’s Halloween Horror Night from September 20 to November 2 at Universal Studios Orlando. Tickets are available here.

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