Not-So-Fantastic Mr. Fox: 'Shelter' Release Trailer is Surprisingly Intense


I haven't so much as loaded the title screen for Might & Delight's "Shelter," but I'm heartsick just thinking about those poor baby badgers and their inevitable (but hopefully quick and painless) death in some hawk's talons or white-capped riverbed. I'm not confident at all that I have the emotional fortitude to see "Shelter" through to the end.

Still, when you hear the call of the desaturated wild, you must respond. Here's a final trailer for the game, which is now available on Mac and PC:

It's bizarrely comforting and simultaneously horrifying to know that nature's bloody indifference cuts both ways. Foxes surely hunt badger cubs, but a well-placed momma headbutt paves the way for a surprisingly gruesome feast. Seriously, watching a cete of badgers gorge on the still-warm carcass of a fox is probably the most disturbing thing I've seen in a game in a while.

I also had no idea that badgers were omnivorous until just now. Steeled by the fact that badgers may have a small bit of recourse after all -- take that, Nature! -- I may be able to actually play "Shelter" now.

As previously explained, there are a few different ways to get your hands on "Shelter": the game is $10 from Steam or its official site, or $15 when bundled with Might & Delight's previous outing, a great puzzle-platformer called "Pid."


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