Nintendo Announces Wii U Price Cut, New 2DS Hardware, And September 'Wind Waker HD' Bundle


Following the stealth reveal that the retail version of "Wind Waker HD" would be out this October, Nintendo drops details on a cheaper Zelda-themed bundle for September as well as a cheaper version of the 3DS hardware dubbed the 2DS.

Which is just a DS.

In a press release this morning, Nintendo announced that in September, they would be introducing the 2DS, the $129 "entry-level dedicated portable gaming system." The new hardware removes the hinge from the 3DS/DS as well as the former platform's 3D functionality, while keeping all of the online features of the 3DS. Besides sacrificing the portability of the 3DS, the 2DS will remain compatible with existing 3DS/2DS games.

The new price point is $40 lower than the current retail price for the 3DS and $70 cheaper than that of the 3DS XL, which launched last summer.

Nintendo also announced a Wii U "Wind Waker HD" bundle which would launch two weeks before the retail release of "Wind Waker HD." Priced at $299, it's part of a wider price drop for the Deluxe edition of the console featuring a 32 GB hard drive. If you snag one of the limited-edition black Wii U bundles, you'll score a digital copy of "The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD," a download code for Dark Horse's "Hyrule Historia," and a Gamepad featuring gold text.

The disc-based version of "Wind Waker HD" will be available on October 4 for $49.99.

So what do you think of these changes? Will the 2DS pricing get you on board if you haven't picked up Nintendo's latest handheld? And is a $50 price drop and a "Zelda" game enough to get you to pick up a Wii U?

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