Kickstart This: ‘Octopus City Blues’ is Strange, Beautiful, and Mostly Purple

So, this is great: “Octopus City Blues” is the first game from Kuwait City-based Ghost in a Bottle Corporation. It’s an adventure game about a listless, middle-aged octoblood junkie, tentacle cutter, and all-around chump named Kaf Kafkaryan and his unwitting role in changing Octopus City forever.

Octopus City is exactly what it sounds like: an urban, steam-powered dystopia built on the lifeblood of a giant cephalopod, its eight legs providing the foundation for eight inter-connected neighborhoods, the last bastions of human habitation on a planet wracked by a centuries-long ice storm.

If the weird-fiction-slash-noir premise doesn’t sway you, maybe this trailer will:

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