The King of Fighters Online Is Now A MOBA For Reasons That Actually Make Sense

Remember “The King of Fighters Online?” Unveiled all the way back in 2009, it appeared to be a somewhat close approximation of what one might expect. Though instead of being a 2D fighting game, it was a 3D brawler, similar to Streets of Rage. Still, there’s plenty of up close and personal punching and kicking.

Various sources online state that it was supposed to go into beta testing the following year, but it’s hard finding any traces of that ever happening. Well, as it turns out, a beta will finally start next month, in Thailand. Though the game itself will be an entirely different animal.

Polygon reports that The King of Fighters Online is now a MOBA. We are told that the game will featured 200 characters from the original series, and anyone who is actually familiar with KOF knows that, yes, there are indeed that many characters from all the games.

“The King of Fighters Online” still contains plenty of punching and kicking. Though the action is decidedly less hands than what one would normally expect from KOF:

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