Hey Seattle! Capy Is Showing Off Their New Game This Weekend!


The "Super Time Force" developer will be at Fangamer X Attract Mode, where the two-man project, "Synchroma," will be publicly playable for the first time.

"Synchroma" is the work of Renaud Bédard and Nicolas ‘Qiqo’ Stephan, both devs at Capy who created the short game during the Capy Game Jam. Stephan and Bédard put you in control of a "glitchy black cube" with no instructions on how to control it through a perilous obstacle course. Its developers say "Synchroma" was created as an effort to make something where the controls are actively fighting against the player, and at its core, "Synchroma" is "a game about physical memory, and how much finger gymnastics you can memorize/perform under the pressure created by big red spiky rolls of death coming at you."

Fangamer X Attract Modeis going down from 7:00 PM to midnight-ish (you can RSVP here) in downtown Seattle alongside the PAX Prime goings on. Developer 17-BIT, will also be there giving gamers some hands-on time with their "Skulls of the Showgun" follow-up, "GALAK-Z." There will also be music, art, and drinks, so be safe and have fun out there.

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