It's The PlayStation 3, But In Blue


Earlier this morning, we disclosed an upcoming white paint job for the Xbox One. And 30 Helens agree that it looks good. Great even.

Well, not to be undone, Sony has just taken the covers off a PlayStation 3 sporting a new color as well (though this isn't yet another instance of them trying to one up Microsoft, at least we don't think).

Anyhow, coming to Gamestops across the US and Canada on October 8 is the Azure Blue PS3. You get a 250GB hard drive and a bright blue paint job that isn't nearly as appealing as the aforementioned Xbox One in white. In our humble opinion.

But different strokes for different folks, and those who have been eyeballing the shade of blue across the sea (it's been available in Japan, Europe, and even Australia for some time now) can be happy now.

While the rest of us, who are still patiently waiting for an all white 3DS or 3DS XL must continue waiting.