Report: Leaked Document Hints At November 8 Xbox OneLaunch Date

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Sony's made their commitment to a November 15 PS4 release date--but with the start of the next generation set to kick off in a couple of months, Microsoft has remained quiet on specifically when gamers can plan to see the Xbox One on retail shelves.

Well, thanks to a report from a third-party marketing machine, we might be expecting it a week before the PS4 drops.

The date, passed along to Kotaku, is revealed as part of a conference call for retailer Wal-Mart to review upcoming midnight launches for game software and hardware. The PS4, "Madden," and "GTA V" are all on the list alongside the Xbox One, which is dated for Friday, November 8.


Image source: Kotaku AU

That date would give Microsoft two weeks on the shelves and in the public eye in advance of the Black Friday shopping frenzy compared with the one week lead Sony has. It would also be the latest move from MS in reacting to Sony's PS4 strategy as they attempt to regain some of the PR ground they've lost in the last couple of months thanks to the awkward communication about the Xbox One in its initial reveal.

If this date is real, will Sony blink and push the launch of the PS4 up?

Microsoft has so far announced the launch lineup for the console, as well as its $499 USD price tag.

[Source: Kotaku Australia via Gamespot]

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