Night Moves: ‘Between Me and the Night’ Trailer Teases Bad Dreams and Spooky Floating Houses

“Between Me and the Night” is a kind of dual adventure-platform game, equal parts puzzle-solving and monster-slicing, tied together by striking, angular visuals reminiscent of the sadly defunct “Death, Inc.”

Here’s the breakdown:

During the Day the player will have the opportunity of exploring and interacting with the floating house, solving puzzles to get access to new rooms of this house and to boost his own skills – that will come in handy at night. Many puzzles will have an old-school point-and-click influence.

During the Night the player can try to stay awake and continue to explore the house, but will also have to run away from unexpected adversities. Moreover, when the Boy is sleeping, he will have to face the colossal fears embedded into the Boy’s mind, bearing the armor and weapons of an ancient Knight.

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