The Xbox One Also Comes In White, Provided You Work For Microsoft


Much as been said regarding the look of Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 360 successor, and much of it has not been kind. The intent of the Xbox One's design was for it to simply blend into one's living room and not stick out like a sore thumb, like all other consoles, or so that's the message one might gather.

But many feel that MS did too good of a job, since the One resembles a VCR from back in the day and is as easily dismissed. Though as it turns out, the real problem was not its design but simply the color.

The above is courtesy of a denizen of Reddit, who say its from a friend of his, someone works on the Xbox team within Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business Group.

There are certain perks for such a position, including the chance to get a Special Edition White version of the One. Along with all first party games, one year of Xbox Live Gold for free, and even a special achievement.

Though it all pales in comparison to the gorgeous white finish of the system, which simply blows away now even uglier black version.

Initially, some wondered if it was legit, but that was before Major Nelson made an appearance in the Reddit thread, so basically vouched for its legitimacy. When asked if the white version would ever be made to the public, his response was simple:

"maybe waaaay in the future."

As noted, at least it wasn't a "no".