'SMS Racing' Has You Texting While Driving


Texting while driving is becoming an ever-increasing danger in this country. So, why not illustrate its evils in the form of a video game simulator? After all, you already have games that emulate driving while under the influence.

SMS Racing was first highlighted over at Kotaku and is the product of the most recent Ludum Dare game jam from this past weekend.

The premise is simple; while trying to do a lap around the course, you also need to reply to any texts that arrive within ten seconds, unless you want to come off as rude to your friend:

It's also oddly addicting and even fun to play, which cannot be said for 99.99% of all educational/cautionary video games out there.

As pretty everyone who has given it a spin has already said, SMS Racing should be a requirement at all driving schools and DMVs across the nation. To see how well you do, the game can be downloaded (for absolutely free) here.