From The Makers Of 'Blanka Is A Troll' Comes "Chun-Li Is Jealous"


As it turns out, nothing's funnier than watching Street Fighter characters mess with people in real life. Though after four episodes of "Blank Is A Troll", it's perhaps time for something a tad bit fresh.

And thus we have "Chun-Li Is Jealous".

Those who are familiar with's previous efforts should know what to expect: various YouTube clips highlighting idiotic behavior with a World Warrior inserted for maximum comedic effect. Be warned, it's a bit NSFW:

Though it's unclear what Chun Li is so jealous of. At any rate, bonus video time: it's the entire Street Fighter cast, giving a French columnist and political activist Frigide Barjot a ton of grief:

Guess that's what happens when one opposes same sex marriage in France. There's also a Nyan Cat version for those who are interested, by the way.