Emperor Palpatine Is Now Part Of The 'Pork Side' In 'Angry Birds Star Wars 2'


It's not easy being an old school Star Wars fan.

Kids today actually enjoy Episodes 1-3, J.J. Abrams's upcoming trilogy will more than likely resemble his take on Star Trek, lens flares and all, plus the list of goods that lazily cashes in on the franchise is beyond mind-numbingly long.

So here's yet another thing to get upset over: Ian McDiarmid, best known for his portrayal of Emperor Palpatine, is now the star of a brand new trailer for Angry Birds Star Wars 2.

Here we have Emperor Palpatine asking you, the player, to "Join the Pork Side":

Well, if there's one positive, it's how McDiarmid more than likely got a decent pay date for the above. Also, please remember: even though Rovio will continue to harness the general public’s credit card info, they’ll never able to rob you of your childhood memories of the original trilogy.