Luigi's Influence On The Art Of Parkour Explored


When it comes to pure jumping abilities, Luigi is the superior Mario brother. This was made abundantly clear, dating all the way back in "Super Mario Bros 2." But are you fully aware of his influence on the art of parkour?

Turns out, he's a living parkour legend, as the following mini documentary explains:

The above is part of The Year Of Luigi initiative, which is Nintendo's yearlong push of their number one second banana. It's also one of the best efforts to to hail from their marketing machine in quite some time.

Though "the L man" deserves a ton of credit as well. Especially his ability to bring Luigi’s Green Missile special, from Smash Bros, into the real world.

I must also confess, I'm perhaps a bit overly impressed in this instance. Sorry, but there are three things in this world that I'm a total sucker for, which this video contains: Luigi, parkour… and corndogs.

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