‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Info Leaked Online And It’s Sony’s Fault

A few days ago, those who pre-ordered the digital version of GTA V for the PS3 in Europe received a pleasant surprise: a large chunk of data was downloaded onto their consoles, well in advance of its release date next month.

Actually, it’s somewhat common practice for a certain portion of a game that’s digitally pre-ordered to arrive beforehand, to save time on downloading when the day of release finally arrives.

But the difference is how, unlike most other examples, in which the data is unusable, this particular chunk contained info that could be extracted, to spoil certain surprises.

Folks were able to mine the data, and while no playable bits have resulted, the game’s audio was discovered, about 40 hours worth so far. A work in progress tracklist, among other things, can be found over at Reddit.

Also, the following is supposedly the pre-load theme, courtesy of RockstarInformer:

Embedded from www.youtube.com.