'Rainbow 6: Patriots' is "Still Cooking," says Ubisoft

Rainbow 6: Patriots

"Rainbow 6: Patriots," the newest squad-based, Tom Clancy-penned entry in Ubisoft's surprisingly durable series, was announced in 2011. Ubi Montreal release a trailer shortly after, followed by a round of previews.

After two years of radio silence, Ubisoft executive director Alain Corre says that "Patriots" is "still cooking."

“On 'Rainbow 6,' it’s still cooking,” said Corre in an interview with IGN. “It’s an important franchise for Ubisoft. We want to make sure, on this one, like all the other games we’re working on, that we bring it when we feel it’s perfect.”

Despite being originally announced for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Ubisoft revised its plans for "Patriots" at E3 earlier this year: the game is now officially in development for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

It also sounds like some of "Patriots"' story elements are being re-tooled as time goes on. IGN points out that Ubisoft has been avoiding the "Patriots" moniker recently, simply referring to the game as "the next 'Rainbow Six.'" Eventually, the game will be "re-revealed."

"We're iterating," Corre explained when asked if the original premise of the game had changed. "What we want is to have a compelling story. We want people who play the next 'Rainbow 6' to be astonished, to be very pleased with what they see."

"Patriots" originally pitted Team Rainbow, an international counter-terrorism unit, against the "True Patriots," a group of American militiamen lashing out against perceived injustices carried out by Wall Street and the White House. Compared to the single-minded jingoism of "Splinter Cell: Blacklist" -- Tom Clancy's most recent Ubisoft-published shooter -- "Patriots"' willingness to cavort with militiamen and sovereign citizens stood out from the start.

In a 2011 interview with Game Informer, narrative director Richard Rouse and creative director David Sears were pretty upfront about wanting to comment on modern American politics and the possibility of home-grown terrorism. Ubisoft's reluctance to comment on the "Patriots" label, while "iterating" on a new story, suggests an attempt to walk back some of "Rainbow 6"'s potentially contentious elements.

“What we have to do, and it’s something that is very important for us, is that we bring a new iteration when we believe that we have enough creativity, enough innovation, to make something worth waiting for,” Corre explained. “On some games, it happens more often. Creation is not an exact science. When we’re happy with what we see, when we think we can bring something new to gamers, then we say, ‘okay, this is a good time to release it.’”


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