Propaganda Posters Urge You To Resist The 'Super Mario Bros.' Threat!


What if the the Koopas started up an all-out, World War II-style propaganda campaign against the murderous Italian plumber, leaping his way through their homeland, attempting to interfere with the internal politics of the Mushroom Kingdom? That's more or less the premise of the "Mario WW2 Propaganda series" of which you can see more after the jump.

The posters are the work of the Fro Design Company aka L.A.-based graphic designer and web artist Fernando Reza. Reza currently has 17 images in the "Mario WW2 Propaganda Series" of which these seven are just the latest.

The images evoke the print propaganda campaigns on both sides of the Atlantic against the Nazi threat, one image drawing directly from the iconic first issue of "Captain America" where our hero socks old Hitler in the jaw.

You can check out more of Reza's work at the Fro Design Co. site.

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[Source: Fro Design Company via The Omega Nerd]

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