'Summer Carnival ‘92''s Arrival On US Soil Via The 3DS Is A Very Curious Thing Indeed


When Summer Carnival ‘92: Recca was first announced for the 3DS Virtual Console, most people didn't pay much mind. But for the small handful of folks who are well aware of the game's history and legacy, their minds were blown to say the least.

Well, a trailer for its upcoming Western release has been let loose, as Tiny Cartridge just discovered:

Okay, why the fuss? Recca was produced exclusively for a Japanese shump (which is short for space "shoot 'em ups") competition in 92. The game itself is noteworthy for pushing the Famicom/NES hardware to the absolute limit; have you ever seen that many sprites on screening, and moving as fast, in any other Nintendo game? Exactly.

It's also extremely rare, so copies command top dollar on places like eBay (we're talking hundreds and hundreds of dollars). Though by some miracle, it's now being released to the American public for just five bucks, or abouts, and just 21 years later. Nintendo sure does work in mysterious ways.

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