The Man Behind 'The Wonderful 101' Could Care Less About Review Scores And Believes You Shouldn't Either


When you get down to it, game reviews are just someone's two cents, which can be complex and even imperfect sometimes. But those opinions are often represented in the form of numbers, which are supposed to be simple and absolute.

As such, a game's success or failure is often contingent upon its Metacritic ranking, which is the thorn of virtually every game developer and publisher out there.

Hideki Kamiya, of Platinum Games, is one such person who is not a fan. He has a new game coming out, The Wonderful 101, and even though it's been getting fairly strong reviews (in Japan's Famitsu it scored 39 out of 40, which is quite the feat), he still thinks review scores suck.

Kotaku recently picked up on some interactions he had on Twitter with various followers who pointed out the less than perfect impression it left on certain publications. Like IGN:

And in reaction to other publications that were also not so receptive, or at least to those who felt the need to bring it up to guy, Kamiya simply said "too bad" and "whatever".

He's also not offended by the idea of his game being too hard; anyone familiar with is previous body of work should be unsurprised by such a reaction.

In the end, Kamiya had this friendly advice for everyone:

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