'Retro City Rampage' Is Coming To The 3DS, But It Won't Be In 3D


Vblank Entertainment's ode to classic games, which also happens to be filled to the brim with 80s pop culture references, is ready to hijack your 3DS. And as the Vita version already proved, "Retro City Rampage" is best enjoyed on the go.

Though it wasn't easy bringing the XBLA/PSN/WiiWare/Steam favorite to Nintendo's three dimensionally inclined portable.

In the most recent blog update, we are told that some considerable retooling had to be done, to accommodate dual screens, lower screen resolution, and less than powerful processor (at least compared to the hardware running all the other different versions).

Vblank Entertainment did not want to do a mindless port job, so every little aspect is being tweaked, everyone from visuals to gameplay. Though one aspect that one might assume from every 3DS game will not be present:

"The main game is 2D, just like the other platforms. While just as much as you, I would love to play "RCR" in 3D, with a top down angle, a conversion wouldn't be trivial. With sidescrollers, developers can simply separate the background and foreground layers and distance them apart. However, with a top down perspective using cube-like objects such as buildings and vehicles, it would require the graphics to all be recreated as 3D objects, a new rendering engine, a camera system that players would be happy with, and further optimizations. For a new game it would be more feasible, but for an existing one, it simply would've taken too long."

The 3DS version of "Retro City Rampage" will be at PAX Prime next weekend.

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