Sonic And NiGHTS Together At Last, At Least In The Form Of DLC For 'Lost World'


This just in; the upcoming "Sonic Lost World" for the Wii U will have a special edition that can only be obtained via pre-ordering. The Deadly Six Bonus Edition as it's called with include a code that can used to download the NiGHTMARE DLC.

With it, Sonic will go face to face against Nightmaren foes, who all hail from the Sega Saturn classic NiGHTS Into Dreams. Which as all diehard Segaphiles will tell you is a weird, the circle is complete type of deal.

So what's story? In the mid 90s, Sega had managed to hold its own against Nintendo during the 16-bit wars, thanks to "Sonic the Hedgehog." But with the upcoming 32/64 bit era, Sega knew that they had to enter the 3D platforming arena, so a three dimensional Sonic game was commissioned and put into production.

But not by its creator; Sonic Team decided to do something decidedly different, that being "NiGHTS." As that game was coming along, the team in charge of making Sonic X-treme, the name of the 3D Sonic title that Sega hoped would both prove the 3D capabilities of the Saturn and also sell the system, much as he did the Genesis about five years earlier.

Unfortunately, the 3D part just wasn't coming together. So the team behind "X-treme," Sega Technical Institute, asked if they could borrow the "NiGHTS" engine, which was shaping up to be a very competent tech. Yuji Naka, the co-creator of Sonic and who programmed the "NiGHTS" engine, was so upset (it was handed over to STI without permission) that he threatened to leave Sega unless it was taken back.

Eventually "X-treme" was cancelled and "NiGHTS" became the Saturn's showcase game, which despite being frankly brilliant, didn't connect with gamers. They were expecting the further adventures of a blue hedgehog, not some androgynous flying jester. Many years later, footage from "X-treme" appeared on the internet:

When "Lost World" first appeared, those in the know noted the similarity that this new Sonic game has with an old one. Though Sega claims that there is absolutely no connection whatsoever.

Anyhow, to recap: "Sonic" and "NiGHTS," two franchises that have had a tenuous relationship to put it mildly, are together in a game that is reminiscent of a cancelled title that is the heart of the aforementioned drama.

[via Sega Blog]

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