Want To Play 'Beyond: Two Souls' But Don't Like Buttons? There's An App For That


With all this talk about the PS4, there are a few key PS3 releases that people still care about. Alongside Dark Souls 2, there's also "Beyond: Two Souls."

Not surprisingly, it made an appearance during Sony's Gamescom presser. Though what was a surprise were the two bits of info that Quantic Dream founder David Cage revealed.

First, it supports two-player, co-op multiplayer. One player controls Jodi Holmes, aka Ellen Page, and the other is able to take the reigns of the entity know as Aiden. Is there a split screen then? Nope. Instead, whomever wants or needs to take control can do so by simply hitting triangle on their controller and that character will be the focus on screen.

Furthermore, the game can also be played in either single or multiplayer with a smartphone, thanks to a free iOS/Android app. Instead of virtual buttons, the screen will essentially become a touchpad. The game will automatically switch to easy mode when a smart phone is used as a controller, we were also told.

The reason for this, Joystiq reports, is to draw in more casual players, the type who don't play games often and are intimidated by the Dual Shock 3's 9,000 buttons (or at least that's how many there are in said people's minds).

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