The Super Nintendo's 'Street Fighter 2' Trilogy Arrives On Wii U


So the bad news is that Ultra Street Fighter 4 is not coming to the Wii U, at least anytime soon.

But the good news is that the three different versions of Street Fighter 2 that came out for the SNES is available, via the Wii U Virtual Console.

And that's something, right?

The holy trifecta includes Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and Super Street Fighter 2. Here's a trailer for what was the most popular of the bunch:

It's hard to understand why anyone might be interested in the SNES version of vanilla plain Street Fighter 2, considering that it was missing many of the bells and whistles of the arcade versions.

Hence why the Turbo 2 port was so popular, since it was as close to arcade perfect as technically feasible. Though the original SF2 was still good enough to convince folks to pick up a Super Nintendo over a Genesis.

It's also worth noting that the Genesis version of Street Fighter 2 Turbo is highly underrated, though still only available on the regular Wii.

At any rate, each is available for $7.99, though purchase one and you can get the others for half price. Some friendly advice: get Street Fighter 2 Turbo and just go for Super Street Fighter, or vice versa. Unless you're a diehard completionist or something.

Those who already nabbed any of the three on the Wii Virtual Console originally can upgrade to Wii U Virtual Console compliant copies for $1.50 a pop.

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