Each Character In Free To Play Killer Instinct Will Cost Five Bucks, But You Can Save On The Bundle


As everyone knows, the upcoming Killer Instinct reboot for the Xbox One will be a free to play fighter that includes just one character, Jago. You'll need to pony up money to get your hands on the rest of the cast, so the question has always been how much?

Well, Microsoft has finally revealed the price tag(s) associated with the game. And, as it turns out, it will cost $5 a pop for each Sabrewulf, Glacius, and everyone else.

Given how that there's going to be at least eight characters (six at launch, plus 2 shortly thereafter), that's like $40 total. Which admittedly is a tad bit cheaper than the asking price for most full fledged games. But that's retail; purely downloadable offerings are expected to be cheaper, plus no one likes being nickel and dimed period.

Thankfully, MS is offering the Combo Breaker Pack, which gives you all characters at 50% off, for $20. But those of you who weren't offended by the $40 price tag can go for the Ultra Edition, which includes various costumes and accessory packs, plus the original Killer Instinct arcade game. Is that better?