Review: ‘Saints Row IV’ – Volition Unlocks God Mode In Steelport

A quick note: there have been reports in some reviews that the PC and PS3 versions of “Saints Row IV” are offering a more stable framerate and overall experience to the Xbox 360 version. I haven’t checked those out, but I’d recommend giving those versions a try when you make you decide to make your “Saints Row IV” purchase.

Saints Row IV” explodes the concept of street gang-turned global brand-turned Presidential administration the Third Street Saints both literally and figuratively, a meta beyond meta game that’s as much about the franchise as it is skewering other games. Packed with inventive setpieces, clever writing, and powers–oh, the superpowers. But this smart-dumb game (or dumb smart, depending on your opinion of the Saints) has some third-person shooter problems and overall performance issues that threaten to derail the experience.

After taken down a nuclear threat in the game’s opening sequence, your nameless boss of the Third Street Saints gains the love and adoration of the American people, winning the Presidency of the United States, bringing in the gang as his/her cabinet with star of film and screen Keith David joining your administration as Vice President. But this peace is relatively short-lived, as the galactic conquerors of the Zin Army, led by Emperor Zinyak, descend on Earth and begin kidnapping its people, placing you and your homies in a “Matrix”-like virtual reality.

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