Gamescom: CCP Announce Oculus Rift Space Combat Game ‘EVE: Valkyrie’ for 2014

CCP Games — the undisputed champions of intricate space-MMOs about politics, tribalism, and asteroid mining — have announced “EVE: Valkyire” at Gamescom today. Originally code-named “EVE-VR,” “Valkyrie” is an Oculus Rift-supported combat flight sim set in the “EVE” universe.

“Valkyrie” was originally developed as a pet project and made its debut at Fanfest — an Icelandic convention for all things “EVE”-related — earlier this spring. Despite insisting that “EVE-VR” wasn’t coming to market, CCP brought a build along to E3 this summer.

The prototype that I played — and loved — at Fanfest put players in the cockpit of one of “EVE”’s smaller, faster ships and let them loose in an arena against an opposite team. Steering and firing were handled by an Xbox 360 controller, while the Oculus Rift controlled the missiles and allowed players a full range of vision.

This often meant craning my neck backwards or turning around in my seat to look for hidden enemies lurking behind or above me. “EVE-VR” plays like a standard dogfighting flight sim in many ways, but the added layer of physicality was thrilling.

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