The Vita Is Officially Cheaper, The PS4 Officially Has A Release Date For The US & Europe


Gamescom is officially in full swing; Sony had their big presser just a few hours ago, which was filled with one announcement after another, and another.

Though at near the top of the list is news of a price cut for their latest PlayStation portable, the PlayStation Vita. As of tomorrow, the suggested retail price for the system in both the US and European territories will be $199 and €199 respectively.

Sony is also reducing the price of Vita memory cards; a price reduction of the system will definitely help entice new owners, but it's not like anyone is bitching about the cost. Whereas memory is an entirely different matter, and the cause for much consternation.

Unfortunately, the price of the 32GB card, which was $100, will now be $80. Which is definitely better, but not quite the deep discount that many were hoping for. One see the new prices for every memory card configuration here.

At any rate, now's as good as time as any to be a Vita owner, especially with the brand new Summer Selects initiative underway.

Meanwhile, and sticking with hardware, Sony also revealed the day in which the PlayStation 4 will arrive in stores. In North America, that date is November 15th, and in Europe, it's exactly two weeks later, November 29th.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House in the Sony keynote mentioned how pre-orders for the console is over a million thus far, and counting.

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