Asteroids: The Movie Nails Its Subject Matter Right On The Head


Here's something you don't need to be told: video game movies are generally awful. The flimsier the source material's narrative (hey, they're games; it's expected/forgiven in many cases), the worse the big screen adaptation (with the only real exception being the first live action Mortal Kombat, naturally).

Which is why folks on YouTube try their best to do it right, and quite often they succeed far more so than Hollywood or wherever the heck Uwe Boll is these days. With the most recent example being an adaptation of the arcade classic Asteroids.

The following, which Kotaku was the first to highlight, does two things very right:

First, it proves that the fancy visual stimuli of today, namely all that ugly CGI, still cannot compare to the special effects of yesteryear. Normally such statements are reserved for models or puppets, but we're talking about vector graphics here, and the best kind. Beautiful black and white.

And the next best part of the video above is the means in which he pilots the ship. What old time-y arcade goer didn't rock the cabinet back and forth in such a fashion? A detail that today's generation of gamers may not be able to appreciate; you can go back to your iPad Minis, kids.

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